How do I clear a search on ReachStream? | Help Center

How do I clear a search?

Go to the left menu and click “Reset” in the top right corner to clear your previous search and filters.

clear a search

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    • How do I perform a search?

      Once you sign up for a ReachStream plan and activate your account, log into your account with your credentials. Once you’re inside ReachStream, use the custom filters on the left to select your search criteria. Use filters like job title, job level, ...
    • What information can I get on a profile?

      In your search results, click on the “View Details” icon on the right to view a prospect’s profile. Each profile contains 20+ fields of contact and company information like first name, last name, job title, department, function, company name, ...
    • How do I download a prospect’s information?

      From your search results, select the prospects you are interested in. To download their information, either click on “Download Selected” to export your selected contacts in a CSV file or go to “View Selected Contacts” on the top right corner. By ...